Two Services, One Toolkit

Choose between our Executor Toolkit or our Executor Support Service, which includes the Fast Track Grant Service.

Executor Toolkit


£875 + £175 VAT
Online ‘Do it Yourself’ service with support from our award-winning team
  • Register a death
  • Arrange a funeral
  • Secure property, arrange care for dependents and pets
  • Apply for the Grant of Representation (also known as the Grant of Probate, Administration or Confirmation
  • Securely produce Government forms within the toolkit
  • 50 pre-populated letter templates for notifying organisations, beneficiaries and other interested parties
  • Organise the clearance or sale of a property
  • Arrange bereavement counselling
  • Automated checklists
  • Estate accounts produced in accordance with the law in England & Wales
  • Time-saving, as everything is in one place
  • Trusted links to expert services
  • Full legal and technical support

The Executor Toolkit can be used on a do it yourself basis, with technical support only. The cost of this service is £600 (£500 + £100 vat)

Try it for free by registering here

Executor Support Service


£1,500 + £300 VAT
A Bereavement Adviser will complete, and Fast Track, the Grant of Representation (also known as the Grant of Probate, Administration or Confirmation) Application for you in addition to all the great benefits of the Executor Toolkit.
  • Grant Application time is reduced to weeks rather than months
  • Funds are released more quickly
  • Less information is required by the Courts when we apply for the Grant on your behalf
  • We will calculate if Inheritance Tax (IHT) is payable
  • We will arrange other relief, e.g. transfer of Nil Rate Band, if required
  • We will prepare any Oath or tax forms needed
  • We will complete the Grant Application and any additional forms for you
  • We will liaise with the Probate Registrar on your behalf, so an appointment is not needed
  • One less part for you to do!

In addition, we will carry out other tasks on your behalf, for example, filling out a StopMail application; a service which removes the deceased name from direct marketing lists and stops unwanted mail, placing statutory notices and lots more. Book a Callback and a Bereavement Adviser will be in touch to go through how we can support you.

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*Preferential Rates Available

You may be entitled to a discount on the prices shown. Check with us now to see if you're eligible.

All costs incurred can be claimed back from the estate of the deceased. To find out more about disbursements and how we calculate our prices, click the button below, or contact us and we will go through them with you.

Using the Toolkit

The Executor Toolkit is designed to be as simple as possible to use as we know the last thing you want to be concerned about is ‘techie’ stuff at a time like this.

Here a few helpful hints to get you started.

First steps are free

Try before you buy; the first few steps of the Executor Toolkit are completely free, no strings attached. Don’t forget to ask us about Preferential Rates when you are ready to continue past the free steps.

Finding the toolkit

The Executor Toolkit is located on a dedicated website. Red Apple Digital Solutions manages the technology behind it for us. Once you have registered and signed in, you can find the Executor Toolkit from the homepage.

Check your junk

We have taken every precaution to ensure we deliver great services. Now and again, emails may get picked up by spam/junk filters. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if an email hasn’t arrived as expected.

Contact us if you have any problems accessing or using the Executor Toolkit

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