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Our online presence increases daily and we have a bigger presence than ever before. This combined with our electronic devices are what are collectively known as digital assets. But, what would happen to your digital assets if something were to happen to you?

Your Digital Assets

From our laptops, mobiles, cameras to our online bank accounts, cloud accounts and social media, our digital assets have become vital to our daily life.

MyDigitalLife helps you to list your digital assets in a document, which can be added to your Will, your Lasting Power of Attorneys and accessed by your trusted people. Not only can you list them but you can also set out what you would like to happen to them. The document ensures your loved ones have all the information they need to manage your digital assets when needed.

What’s included in MyDigitalLife

Trusted People

Your trusted people are the individuals you trust most in life to sort out your financial, property and / or health affairs if you are unable to do this yourself.

Filing Cabinet

The digital filing cabinet lets you record what you have, where it is and how your trusted people can access it. You can add reminders so you never forget a renewal date.

Plan Your Funeral

Although not a nice thing to think about, it is important that you share any wishes you have regarding your funeral arrangements.

'Nagging' Tool

Nags are a great way to keep on top of paperwork and renewals as well as much more.

Trusted People

You can choose up to 4 trusted people to manage your account if something were to happen to you. Your trusted people can be family, friends, loved ones or professionals, people who you have confidence in to carry out your wishes and act in your best interests when the time comes. For example, you may choose people like your spouse or next of kin, the people you would appoint as executors in your Will and attorneys in your Lasting Power of Attorney.

Your trusted people will receive secure and unique trusted person log in details, allowing them access to your account only when needed.

Filing Cabinet

With so much of our everyday lives now being paperless, and paper trails no longer existing in the way they used to, it is difficult for people to identify every account that someone has. It is especially problematic when you also include our online accounts. In fact, in a YouGov survey in 2015, it found that over 50% of people wouldn’t be able to access the account of someone who had died. Documenting this information now not only means that you have a record of it, but also that your most trusted people can access it at a time when it is needed.

Plan Your Funeral

Funeral wishes allow you to state things like your religious beliefs, whether you wish to be buried or cremated, your preferences on how you would like to be dressed, what route you would like the funeral procession to take, if you would like flowers or your choice of coffin for example.

Your funeral wishes can be added to your Will so that your loved ones know exactly what you would like, removing the burden on them at what would be a very emotional time. You can reduce the burden further by buying a pre-paid funeral plan as well.

‘Nagging’ Tool

Life is hectic and its easy to forget the important things. The built in nagging tool sends a direct message to remind you of dates associated with your physical and digital paperwork. You can set the frequency of the reminders so you will never miss an insurance renewal, MOT due date again. Add your anniversary, special birthdays, or even just set a nag to remind you to write that email / letter you have been meaning to do.

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