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Get advice about selling your home or find a conveyancer.

The first thing you will be asked when you put an offer on a property is details of your licensed conveyancer or solicitor.

Both are there to deal with all the legal aspects of buying and selling property on your behalf. Licensed conveyancers are specialised in property and any complex legal issues that may arise, where as solicitors generally cover all aspects of law.

Good conveyancers or solicitors will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your purchase and / or sale, carry out local searches, handle contracts, deal with the land registry, transfer funds, as well and guide and support you from start to finish.

Choosing the right professional to deal with the sale and / or purchase of a property is important!

Your Digital Toolkit includes a tool which will help you find a conveyancer from a carefully selected group. They will be able to advise you and carry out the conveyancing based on your circumstances.

Get advice from a professional about releasing some or all of the equity in your property.

Equity Release means to take capital (money) out of your property, in a lump sum or a steady income stream, and in some cases a mixture of both. The money you receive will be repaid at a later stage, usually when you die.

Generally you will need to be over 55 years old to qualify and you will have two options;

Lifetime mortgage

You take out a mortgage secured on your property, where it is your main residence, while still retaining ownership. The loan amount, plus interest, is repaid when you die or if you go into long-term care.

Home reversion

You sell part or all of your home. You have the right to live in the property until you die, rent free but you will have to maintain and insure it. At the end of the plan your property will be sold, with the proceeds being shared according to the remaining ownership proportions.

If you are thinking of applying for Equity Release you should speak to a professional financial adviser. They will be able to guide you and suggest the best plan, and provider of that plan, for you. Your Digital Toolkit will help you find a financial adviser from a carefully selected group. They will be able to talk you through releasing equity from your property and find the best deals for you.

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Find out what else is included in your Digital Toolkit here.

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