Bereavement Help Options

You decide what level of help you need. It’s your choice!*

You may be wondering, does estate administration apply to the estate involved? It may be small, the person who died didn’t have much, there isn’t a property or land involved, everything will go to the spouse, or simply that it isn’t needed. However, in all cases, when someone dies there are procedures which need to be followed.

Don’t forget, if you or a member of your family are an existing customer, or you are a Bereavement Support Network or Probate Matters customer, you may be entitled to a discount on the prices shown below. All costs incurred can be claimed back from the estate of the deceased.

If you would like more information on any of these options, contact us here and one of our Legal Assistants will be able to help.

How much professional help do you need?

How much professional help do you need?

Simply answer a few questions and decide for yourself.

This option is ideal if you are not sure where to start, or how much you can do, with or without help.

Free to use.



Our Website

We have given you a few of the tools you need to start working your way through dealing with a bereavement (which are also included in our Digital Toolkit if you would prefer more in-depth information).

Select this option if you want an overview of what is involved and some basic help.

Free to use.

Click here to find out more about the 10 steps of dealing with a bereavement.

Digital Toolkit

Executor Toolkit

Online help applying for the Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration and a huge range of tools to complete the administration of an estate.

Starting from the immediate steps to take, guiding you through valuing the estate, advice on your financial and legal obligations, distributing the estate, all the way to the final administration tasks; with a specialist there to help you when it is needed.

You will also have access to other features as part of your Digital Toolkit.

This option is good for those who want to do as much as they can with support from an experienced Legal Assistant.

Stand Alone Executor Toolkit
£875**^ †
Plus VAT £175 (total fee including VAT £1050)

Executor Toolkit and Fast Track Grant of Representation Package
£1500**^ †
Plus VAT £300 (total fee including VAT £1800)

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Fish Laptop

The Executor Toolkit takes you through 10 easy to manage steps required when administering an estate, supported by a dedicated Legal Assistant.

  • Securely produce Government forms automatically
  • 50 pre-populated letter templates
  • Estate accounts produced in accordance with the law in England & Wales
  • Time saving, as everything is in one place
  • Trusted links to expert services
  • Jargon free advice & guidance
  • Simple question & answer based tool
  • Support throughout from an expert

Fast Track Grant of Probate

If a Grant of Probate is needed we can provide a specialist fast track service.

You supply us with the information, we will complete the forms and liaise directly with the Registry. As we are a Trust Corporation, less information is required for the application and Court fees are reduced. The Grant is expedited and issued within 2 weeks of full application.

This option would suit someone who is busy with work or family life, and still wishes to retain control of the administration. It would also suit those who are not familiar or confident with form filling.

£625** †
Plus VAT £125 (total fee including VAT £750)

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Full Estate Administration

Hand everything over to specialists who will do it all for you.

You will be assigned a Solicitor, who will deal with the entire matter for you and will be on hand throughout. They will cover everything needed in order to finalise the estate administration and to ensure your legal responsibilities are adhered to.

This option is ideal if you do not feel comfortable with the processes and what is involved when administering an estate.

Fixed Fees from £2100**^ †
Plus VAT £420 (total fees from including VAT £2520)

Ask us about Preferential Rates

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* Subject to status.
** VAT shown separately.
^ £300 Fee + £60 VAT is payable if a home visit is required.
† Other disbursement charges, which are not part of our fee may apply. Click for more information.
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