Bereavement Support

We will support you with all the essential steps which need to be taken when someone dies.

Dealing with the death of someone close to us can be one of the most difficult and emotional times in our lives. It can often become overwhelming and many people will struggle to cope. Often, it will be the first experience of dealing with bereavement and we will be left in a position asking what we are supposed to do. How do I register the death? How do I arrange the funeral? Where is the Will? What do I do about the house? What is probate?

We have a selected team of bereavement advisers who understand and explain to you in simple terms on what to do next. We will support you with all the essential steps which need to be taken when someone dies. At this time of grief we will be able to help answer all your questions with different levels of support suited to you and your family.

Someone has died, what do I do?

With a forward thinking and modern approach we have designed an easy to follow ten step program to guide families through the whole bereavement process, covering every aspect needed and at a pace to suit you. We have made what can seem a daunting and complicated task manageable. With professional support in the background you’ll feel reassurance and relief, allowing you to think about what is important to you and to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Please call our bereavement line, freephone 0800 840 1665. We have a dedicated Bereavement Team here to help you with the immediate steps to take. You will be assigned a Bereavement Adviser who will continue to support you for as long as you need them.

Can you help my family when I die?

Yes we can, we have various solutions available to assist you in dealing with the funeral, legal and financial requirements following the death of a loved one. To find out more speak to our customer care team. Why not use the live chat feature for a quick response?

Alternatively email or call 01934 422 991. Unlike Solicitors and many other Legal companies who often charge an hourly rate, Trust Inheritance provide a fixed fee service which is quoted in advance of any work being undertaken. This could be a considerable saving on the fees you would typically pay a high street Bank or Solicitor.

What is probate?

When a person dies, someone has to deal with the affairs of the person who has passed away. This person(s) is either named in the Will or is the next of kin if there is no valid Will.

They are legally responsible for collecting in all the money, paying any debts and correctly distributing the estate to those people entitled; the beneficiaries. This whole process is called estate administration and part of the process may involve having to apply for “probate.”

Probate is the process of obtaining a legal document from the Probate Registry to prove you have authority to deal with the estate.

A Grant of Probate is the official court-sealed document issued by the Probate Registry that includes a copy of the deceased’s Will. It is called a Grant of Letters of Administration if there is no Will, but the document serves the same purpose.

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