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We will support you with all the essential steps which need to be taken when someone dies.

Someone has died, what do I do?

Dealing with the death of someone close to us can be one of the most difficult and emotional times in our lives. You may be wondering…How do I register the death? How do I arrange the funeral? Where is the Will? What do I do about the house? What is probate?

With a forward thinking and modern approach we have designed an easy to follow and manageable ten step program to guide families, executors and administrators through the whole bereavement process, covering every aspect needed. You can opt to have support from us or maybe you would like to hand it all over to someone else.

Have a look at what is involved in the Ten Steps of Dealing With a Bereavement or fill out a short quiz to find out how much professional help you may need. If you want to see the options available to you then skip straight to our options page.

Alternatively, you can call our bereavement line now on Freephone 0800 840 1665. We have a dedicated team here to help you with the immediate steps to take. You will be assigned a Legal Assistant who will continue to support you for as long as you need them.

What is probate?

When a person dies, someone has to deal with the affairs of that person. This could be someone who is either named in the Will (as an Executor) or is the next of kin, if there is no valid Will.

They are legally responsible for collecting in all the money, paying any debts and correctly distributing the estate to those people entitled; the beneficiaries. This whole process is called estate administration and part of the process may involve having to apply for “probate.”

Probate is the process of obtaining a legal document from the Probate Registry to prove you have authority to deal with the estate.

A Grant of Representation (also known as Grant of Probate or Grant of Confirmation) is the official court-sealed document issued by the Probate Registry that includes a copy of the deceased’s Will. It is called a Grant of Letters of Administration if there is no Will, but the document serves the same purpose.

What do Executors or Administrators do?

Executors and Administrators are there to carry out a number of tasks when someone dies.

  • If there is a Will, they locate the latest copy
  • They make sure that the wishes of the person who has died are carried out correctly
  • They look after any assets, for example make sure a property is insured if left empty
  • They are duty bound by the Court and the beneficiaries, and must act with their best interests in mind
  • They are personally liable for making sure the estate is processed correctly and separately from their own affairs
  • They need to keep clear records of accounts, money paid in, and paid out of the estate
  • They need to liaise with many different organisations to wind up the estate

It can be a intimidating prospect but we can support you or your loved ones. Find out more about what is involved in the 10 steps of dealing with a bereavement, how much professional help you may need and what your options are by clicking the buttons at the top of this page.

Can I start pre-planning for when I die?

Yes you can! Here are some of the ways in which you can plan ahead;

  • Have you thought about what happens if you are unable to make decisions for yourself? Have a look at our Lasting Power of Attorney service here.
  • Have you made a Will? Are you sure the people you want to inherit from your estate will? It’s not as daunting as you may think to make a Will. Have a look at our Will service here.
  • What about your digital footprint? All of your online accounts, your music collection or your photos saved in the cloud; what will happen to them when you die? Why not sign up to our Online Toolkit and fill out MyDigiAssets. You can tell your loved ones what you would like to happen. Register here.
  • How about your funeral? No-one wants to think about their own funeral but you can save money by pre-paying now. Why not take a look at Funeral Wishes in our Online Toolkit. It will help you to set out what you would like to happen at your funeral. Sign up here.

To find out more information about any of these services, speak to our customer care team here or use the live chat feature for a quick response!



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